Els blogs com a essència personal de comunicació

by Eduard Batlle Rispau on 26 Novembre 2011

Curs d’Especialització en Blocs corporatius, xarxes socials i eines 2.0 per a Community Managers de la Fundació Universitat de Girona. Ja està penjat al nou canal de ServeisWeb a Slideshare.

Yes we can | Barack Obama

A vision of students today | Mike Wesch

Éxito sin final | Richard St John

Stand by Me | Playing for Change

Para seguir siendo felices | ElBulli Foundation

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Gapal Desembre 12, 2015 a les 19:41 pm

Also the government is going to push trguohh the UN arms treaty even worse- I have no idea how we can stop this because they are trashing the Constitution and even if we get representatives that are for freedom they are going over their heads- and the armed forces are headed by Obama-friendly officers now I think so we cannot stop this by impeachment or even a coup should it have to be I trust in the Lord- we may be at the end ..

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